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 Carlo Cobianchi

 "The Batrax Project"

 Special Notes
Hallo Trent,
This is my last production: The Batrax Project.
It' a very fast and sleek machine projected after many succesful outrigger models.

It runs for 5 minutes with a
Speed 400 6Volts,
8 Sanyo N500AR,
a Graupner Hydroprop 29mm.
and the flexible shaft is produced by my friends Riccardo and Stefano at the Hydrosonik CNC plants(www.hydrosonik.it).
Total weight is 450 grams.

I needed about 2 months to create the male and the moulds but surely it has worth the time!! I send You some fotos and AVI Videos to see how it runs. If someone needs some info please do not hesitate to contact me at minimoa@tiscali.it

In the next future I will send the moulds to Checz Rep to produce it in large numbers. The cost will be around 140 Euro + postage.

Ciao Carlo Cobianchi - Milano Italy

P.S. Walter Geens is testing with a friend two of my Batrax with an Hacker B20-15L inside and 7 Rc 2/3 1200 mAh and he says that they really fly on water for 8 minutes!!